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Best free Webhosting Sites

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                     Today I come here with a huge list if free webhosting/domain hosting sites list,where all of you find about suitable free web hosting companies for you.This List may Good and useful for those who don't want to pay a penny for hosting and want to experiment with webs for creating a sites.

There are many free web hosting sites which provides hosting free of cost but it is not easy to select a good free hosting provider. This is due to the fact that running a web hosting company involves costs like server cost, cost for bandwidth, office rentals, employee’s wages, etc so question arises how does the web hosting companies can provide web hosting for free? Well the answer varies from providers to provider. Big companies like Google are making huge profits from their businesses so they can afford to provide free web hosting but their web hosting services has many restrictions which makes it unsuitable for a commercial website. Some web hosting provides free web hosting with conditions like that they will put their own ads in your websites and some of the web hosts might give you a share from ad revenues and some might not give you anything.

So whether you want to go with free hosting or paid hosting, it will depend upon your requirements.

Important factors to consider while choosing a Free Web Hosting Site:

  1. If Cpanel is Provided
  2. Easy User Interface
  3. Supports PHP
  4. Ability to host WordPress Sites for free
  5. Disk Space Provided
  6. Unlimited Domains Allowed
  7. No unnecessary Ads
  8. Provision of FTP
  9. Mysql Database Allowed

The Undisputed number one contender to provided free web hosting is They have been around in the web hosting industry for a long time now, with you can host multiple websites with just a single account. Plus you get a ton of other free features which makes them our all time favorite.
host your website for free with
What you get with
  • Disk Space of 1500 MB.
  • Bandwidth of 100,000 MB [100 GB] for free.
  • Site loading time is pretty fast.
  • 5 Free E-Mail Addresses.
  • Cpanel Provided.
  • Backup support.
  • FTP Access Provided.

2. Zymic:
Zymic offers free web site hosting at a level of professionalism that equals to other paid web hosting companies offer to their customers. They are one of the few reliable and feature packed free web site hosting service providers on the internet. Their free website hosting package features include PHP, MySQL Database, create multiple free sub-domain names etc. This free hosting package is ideal for hosting personal and business websites.
Zymic gives you:free hosting from zymic
  • Ability to run PHP.
  • MySql database creation.
  • 5 GB disk space per account.
  • Create multiple sub domains
  • Ad-Free Hosting.
  • 50 GB of monthly data transfer.
  • Decent Server Space and Bandwidth.
  • Custom Cpanel provided. (they call it ZHCP).
  • Create unlimited accounts per user.

3.Xtreeem Host: is a good web hosting service company that provides free and cheap unlimited hosting, the free website hosting package includes PHP and MySQL support, domain name support, etc.. Plus this service is completely Ad free. Gives you:
  • Free Web Space of 2500 MB (2.5 GB).
  • Monthly Bandwidth of 100 of xtreemhosts free website hosting
  • MySql Space of 50 Mb.
  • 1 FTP Account.
  • 1 Add on Domain.
  • Free automatic Scripts installation software (30 scripts like wordpress, magento etc.. available).

4.Free Servers: is yet another free web space, free website hosting company. They have been in the industry for quite some time now, you can take advantage of their freeservers’ easy-to-use website building tool that’s perfect for the any newbie, astonishingly this feature is available even for free accounts. gives you:
  • 50 Mb disk space.get quality cheap hosting from
  • 1 Gb band width/month.
  • 3 free email accounts.
  • Its is not Ad Free. (Now, this is Bad news)
  • No Ftp Access.

5. 110MB Hosting
110MB Hosting is another Ad-free web hosting service which offers a lot of interesting features for your websites such as PHP and MySql support:

110 mb

Main service features
Here is detailed list of what hosting service supports:
- 5 GB Space
- PHP 5 and MySql Support
- FTP (chmod enabled)
- Your Own Domain Hosting
- Free subdomain (
- 99.9% Uptime
- No Advertisements

6. Your Free Hosting is a new and fast provider of free web hosting. All accounts come with a easy to use control panel that makes it very simple to manage your web site and files. Your free account comes with PHP, 5 MySQL databases, 5GB of disk space & 50GB of bandwidth and more. You have the choice of using your own domain name if you wish or you can choose a free subdomains.

Main service features
Here is detailed list of what hosting service supports:

- 5GB Disk Space
- 50GB Bandwidth
- PHP 4 Support, 5 mySQL databases
- Instant activation
- Domain Name Support
- Custom subdomain:
- File Manager
- 24/7 Technical Support
- Full FTP Access
- 99.9% Uptime
- No Advertisements

7. Sitesfree
Sitesfree is another good free hosting services which offers some interesting basic features to host your website for free (included PHP and MySql support).

Main service features
Here is detailed list of what hosting service supports:

- 500Mb
- 7 GB Data Transfer
- PHP 5 Support, 5 mySQL databases
- Free sub domain (
- Ability to host your own domains
- FTP access
- 99.9% Uptime
- No Advertisements

BlueHoSt Review


Bluehost is a one of the top and leading shared hosting provider company ,which is owned by ENDURANCE INTERNATIONAL is the largest web hosting company in the world, hosting 2+million domains with its sister companies FAST DOMAIN AND HOSTMONSTER.
              in a webmasters and a bloggers , BLUEHOST is known as a customer friendly and a reliable web hosting provider ,BLUEHOST offers uptime guarentee to their clients and the speed of the connnection cannot be compromised , BLUEHOST getting average 20,000 new customer every month due to its outstanding services and customer care supports.

Bluehost is serving their high class hosting services to individuals and small businesses to since year 1996.Millions of the customer published a good reviews of BLUEHOST  on many websites and on a hosting review blogs.

Now question is ,

  •  Unlimited disk space
  • Unlimited domains
  • Unlimited data transfer
  • Free domain name 
  • Drag and drop website builder 
  • Support global domain names
  • E mail account forwarding
  • Pop3 secure email support
  • Site back up
  • Too Much Cheap,as low as 4.95$/month

  Buy Bluehost Hosting From This Link::: Link1

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HostGator - Top Blog Hosting For 2013

              Hostgator was founded in 2002, it was operated from a college dorm room and only had three servers to account. Small beginnings turn into some of the world's biggest success stories it seems! Since then, Hostgator has emerged as one of the largest web hosting companies in the world. Now, with more than 7,000 servers and over 2.5 million domain names hosted, HostGator is huge!
When it comes to wordpress Blog hosting, HostGator Comes First In the List Of Top Wordpress Blog Hosting Companies. In this HostGator review, I'll point out some of the top reasons as to why HostGator is such a popular choice among webmasters & Bloggers. Also, as a special bonus, we'll share the best promo codes and coupons to help you save even more money on your next HostGator purchase. I've invested a lot of time and effort  for some the best coupon codes.
One of the features that makes HostGator,  so much Popular  is the quality of technical support that customers experianced. Each page on HostGator's website has a link to live technical support!!! This means that any time you need some help or have a question, you can simply click on one of those links and chat live with a technical support representative 24/7 365 days of the year.
With Every Hostgator Plan ,you will get Following Freebies.

Hostgator Special FREEBIES

SiteBuilderFreeFree Website Templates4,500
SiteStudio ToolsFreeFree Website Scripts70+
Website TransferFreeDomain TransferFree
MySQL TransferFreeScript TransferFree
Google Adwords CreditFree $100

In terms of features, HostGator offers a niche selection of bells and whistles to accomplish a wide range of tasks that every blog or website needs if it plans on being successful. HostGator offers unlimited storage and bandwidth! Plus, if your're new to designing websites, HostGator offers a free SiteBuilder tool to help you design professional looking websites without the need to learn how to code a website. In fact, the last time we checked, there were over 4,500 different templates to choose from - nice! Of course, for the more advanced users, Hostgator offers full support for PHP, Perl, MySQL, and more.
With an uptime guarantee of 99.9%, a full 45-day money-back guarantee, and an excellent reputation - HostGator is a rock solid choice...

Here,i've give Some Coupon Codes to Save Money ,while Buying Hostgator Hostings.
Promo codeDescriptionHosting plan
SaveMaxPlan1Maximum discount of $9.94 + unlimited storage and bandwidth. Use this code if  you are signing up for the Hatchling Plan.Hatchling Plan
SaveMaxPlan2Maximum discount of $9.94 + unlimited storage, bandwidth, and number of domain names hosted. Use this code if signing up for the Baby Plan. Excellent value!Baby Plan
SaveMaxPlan3Maximum discount of $9.94 PLUS unlimited storage, bandwidth, number of domains hosted, dedicated IP address, and get a toll-free telephone number for your website. Use this code if signing up for the Business Plan.Business Plan

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